Friday, April 15, 2011

Google's Video Logo

It all started with colour doodles in 1998, and went upto animations. Later, we were all impressed with interactive doodles and games. Today, it's a video. Google inspires us all by paying respects to famous personalities and wonderful innovations with innovative doodles on the popular clutter-free search page.

Commemorating Charlie Chaplin's birthday, the search giant came up with a video as logo on their page. Their first video logo, also their second interactive logo, is a silent movie paying respects to the great comedian just the same way he entertained us all for years. The first doodle was created by Google's founders itself.

For all of you who haven't seen last year's Google logo for Indian Independence day

I hope Google comes up with many more doodles telling us their little stories and bringing back memories of great past.


  1. Wow...I love the Independence day logo..thanks for posting it here..

  2. Vk! i really dint see this logo thnks for the it! :) not worth to miss!

  3. seem to have missed this one...
    really liked the Independence day logo...

    I remember catching the one on Charlie Chaplin's birthday...

    Google does manage to set new standards each time...

  4. Upasana -
    Yeah, I loved this one too! :)

    Pravee -
    PK, yeah not worth missing..

    Dwiti -
    Indeed, they have got some super creative guys incharge of making these doodles as well.


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