Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Reading Woman

The gracious simper!
Is it what she is reading? 
How I wish I knew?

This bronze statue of Roman Goddess Minerva is located at the entrance of Minneapolis Public Library, Downtown, Minneapolis. The sculpture of this ancient Goddess of Wisdom, made by Jacob Fjelde, was installed in 1889. Since then, the reading woman with a pleasant smile on her face has been an inspiration to many book readers.

Do you read books? If so, how do you define an ideal reading experience? That feeling of gentle rapture, that moment of euphoria? The feeling you get when you are deeply absorbed in your favorite book, the intense pleasure that soothes your life's little troubles in that moment?


  1. Beautiful statue with much charm and beauty and wisdom written all over her face!!

  2. Hey Vee! How had u been? It's a pleasure to be back here after a really long time!

    I remember on seeing one such pic clicked by me and put on my blog, of a human figure, u had commented that it reminded u of such art work in your town too. Isn't?! Is it one of those which u got reminded of?

    really like the pic and the description written below by you!

    I'm on leave from work, so was reading a book, just finished it. If u really get ur hands on a book of ur type, then it really grips u. I dream about the sequences of the book, reliving them, that's how i read and enjoy my books :) will be writing about it.



  3. I love it when art inspires poetry.

  4. The ideal reading experience for me is how the book grips me from the beginning to the end. i begin to see and feel as characters in the book and get all the valuable insights that give expression to my own voice that lacked expressing my own feelings in words.
    Sometimes i also see my own failings too thus the book also offers me another perspective to something that i might dismiss.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful shot and the information on this sculpture of the famous Roman Goddess.
    Just wanted to know if it actually is blue or is it drenched in a blue light to appear so?

  5. Nanka -

    Indeed a beautiful one, photo did not capture it perfectly though!

    Restless -

    Good to have you on my blog. Might be the case. There is a lot of art work installed around the city, in downtown and elsewhere. Even I have been reading a lot of books recently and paying frequent visits to the library. I have been reading a variety of books of late. If it is a fast paced fiction, I too enjoy the book by imagining the plot sequences while reading.

  6. IAmNotAVerse -
    Indeed! Thanks for your comment. :)

    Shivani -
    "...give expression to my own voice that lacked expressing my own feelings in words", that's wonderfully put. Really loved what you have shared through the comment. The statue is actually shiny black.

    Dr. Rekha -
    Thank you very much for the comment!

  7. lovely Haiku.

    welcome join poets rally week 52 today.
    keep it up.

    a free verse or a Haiku is accepted.

  8. nice and concise post and a great click as well!! Reading for me is one of the most rewarding experience, its fun, its introspection, dreaming and aspirations.

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