Tuesday, November 22, 2011

That time of the year

A casual conversation when a student at University of Minnesota encounters another on his/her way will definitely have winter as one of their major topics of discussion. Not any winter, but spine chilling Minnesotan winter. And now, it is that time of the year. We have had our first snow fall during the weekend, the lakes and water bodies around started to freeze and mercury dropped below the 0 level. Well the scale is only Centigrade yet, but soon the mercury will fall below 0 Fahrenheit as well. And this means dressing in layers, searching for reasons not to go outdoors, coming up with justifications how winter has advantages (which is really hard) so as to not hate ourselves, and not to mention gaining weight due to decrease in physical activity! I think I will need some of these to remind me of summer! Didn't I say gaining weight? 

And its Thanksgiving time too, here in the US. Really looking forward to the four day break. Its fun killing time by checking out all the Black Friday deals on the internet, even if you don't want to buy anything. Its a little more fun if you do that in office, by occasionally taking a peak to make sure the boss is not around. And, it is even more fun if the boss happens to be not in office, which is the case today! How productive are you, when you do not have any urgent issues and you know your manager is not around?

Now that I'm home let me go do some more - err, do we have a term for window shopping online - e-window shopping. Until then, help yourself by looping Why this Kolaveri di! Wondering what it is, then you definitely are in pattar yug. 


  1. LOL! U chattan Vee!!!

    I think u wrote after a long time. But nice to read u, I too am very irregular now on blogging. Hope things are good at ur end except the deadly winters! Somehow winter season depresses me, i don't know why...

    I find window shopping boring! I would check something if i really want to buy...

    And yes, Kolaveri di has really chattaned us!!!


  2. Hi Vee! Ur posts r being missed!

    U have been tagged as a 'Versatile Blogger'. Pls visit my blog. tc.


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