Friday, January 14, 2011

Does music make you high?

Do you feel high when you listen to your favorite music tunes?

When my favorite song starts on my music player, at times I find myself stop focusing on the things around me and close my eyes to enjoy the song thoroughly. Magically, the work I do at that point feels mundane when those particular few tunes play. And scientists say that that awesome feeling is the result of Dopamine, a chemical our brain releases when we listen to the music that moves you. Apparently, it's the same chemical that is released by our brain when we relish our favorite food, or when people go high taking drugs or alcohol. This chemical which makes you feel happy through motivation and/or addiction. Some fun stuff going inside our body right? 

From Shakespeare's words, I can be trusted. Are you?


  1. Hi Vee!

    hmm... music has a tremendous effect on me. Playing some good numbers in the car keeps me cool! and when I am completely lost (restless!) then music helps me out... i go to the refuge of music, with head phone on... and yes, eyes shut for long and I know I will get myself back.

    it has a magical effect, as you also said!

    glad u wrote this :)


  2. Oh yes, music is the greatest healer, whether you are listening or playing/singing. In fact, the latter is even better since it completely takes you away from whatever stress you are going through. I love instrumental classical music in all its forms and old old Hindi and Marathi film songs. You have not written your favourites. What are they?

  3. Yes. Yes! Both work wonderfully for me… Food peps me up and makes me happy! Something as simple as a cheese slice can also give that extra zing.

    As for music, it is therapeutic, I always listen to it on full volume so that all other voices, noises can be blocked! At that point my mind is in tune for recovery from the setbackss, tress of day to day grilling, basically like you said everything else comes to a stand still.

    I always thought Indian classical music is too boring, However Aruna Sairam proved me wrong; carnatic music takes me to another level of peace! It gives solace of a different kind

    Nice Post

  4. Great post my friend..when I listen to Pandit Jasraj jis music I always enter a trance which is very hard to explain in words..Its like being close to the superpower called God...

  5. Like someone said "Music can last a lifetime but a lifetime is not enough for music"...It casts a spell, moves you to the heights and depths...soothes, motivates, heals, makes us laugh...
    Those who have a ear for music are blessed and more so if they a voice and can sing along...
    Liked your post... :)

  6. Funnily enough I'm listening to an absolute favorite as I type this...I can't agree does give life an altogether different dimension...

  7. Restless -

    That's very true. Even I start listening to songs when I'm worried with something! That way I can make sure I will be alright soon.

    I have been to Natural Museum of History here very recently. And they say, music has been prevalent since the very early times. As early when homo sapiens stopped eating raw meat and started cooking their food. They could not afford to lose this charming experience by not discovering how to play music.

  8. Zephyr -
    I am not really sure about the type of the music I like. I am always looking out for those songs that move me, and they happen to be a choice of good lyrics based ones or the accompanying music based ones. And I definitely have an affinity towards instrumental melodies and psychedelic rock.

  9. Delhizen -
    I cannot agree more on the food part! Thank you for liking my post.

    Harshad and Rek-
    Thank you very much for your compliments and for visiting my blog!

  10. I absolutely agree on this one... I've often felt high on music... especially late at night. The effect is similar to alcohol, but refreshing rather than dizzying!! And yes, it is amazing how these "feelings" and "emotions" and joy that we experience are the result of chemical changes!

  11. Music energize everyone. I r used to study with loud music playing in the background.

  12. I would say that "atif aslams" music is a great dope.I simply go into a state.Always.

  13. Ruhi -
    Yeah, very true to compare it with alcohol. Although the effect remains for very little time compared to what we feel with alcohol, it definitely gives a great feeling.

    Rajesh -
    Haha, I know people who have done that during my college days. Thanks for dropping by!

    Lavixu -
    I too love some numbers of Atif Aslam.


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