Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Memories of 2010

Picture of the year; This is the view from my window and I have shot pictures of this view for a period of one complete month. This particular shot depicts Minnesota in the true sense, the state known for its severe winters and sunshine. You would see sun shining with its full might even when the mercury reads sub zero Fahrenheit.

For me 2010 was the year of travel and movies, majorly. Some of the significant changes that took place in my life were my graduation, and my comeback in blogging. Needless to say about the wonderful acquaintances I made in this blogging world.

When the year started, I was in India for the new year, and spent quality time with family and met some good friends back home. And, I had been to lots of places and did lots of things. I posed in front of a US Senator's podium in a Senate building in Washington D.C. and been on a cruise touring some of the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin. I met some good friends in San Francisco and had been to super busy one day trips to New York, San Jose and Chicago. Also, went on a long road trip to Mt. Rushmore and Badlands in South Dakota, and had a gala time with lovely people in Wisconsin Dells and in West Lafayette. Not to mention all those innumerable wonderful places in and around Minnesota I had been to along with friends, and those trips to Duluth.

I have no clue about the number of movies I have watched in the last year. One hundred, or may be more. There was a certain time - about a month - when I would slog the entire day working and watch at least one movie with out fail before the day ended. Only to get some mental satisfaction and make myself happy that I was trying to take some time off for my self by watching the movie. And those were the days I would sleep early in the morning and wake up in the morning. Of all the movies, I must say I was awestruck watching "It's a wonderful life" by Frank Capra in 1946. I was equally impressed with the way the movie was taken at that time and the subject of the movie. And, realized I have a thing for feel good movies where no one is a bad thug. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy mindless action movies like "The A Team". And, I must confess I regretted watching "Machette". Sheer nonsense and F grade, the movie was!

Just like any other year, there were good and bad times as well. And that's part of life, isn't it?

What was 2010 for you?


  1. Great picture. You have given me the idea to shoot a view at different times. Sounds like you had a great eventful year! Hope 2011 is as good as 2010 for you.

  2. Thats a fab ur window view. :)

  3. Hey Vee!

    It's always nice to come back to ur blog :)

    Each time, i read some lines (sometimes more) written straight from heart... the picture is lovely Vee. Btw, this was the first time i my life in Jan 2011 when I saw snow... in Kufri! so now can relate to it, in the pic!

    I guess staying away from family is not an easy thing, but glad that u found your little happiness in travelling and movies.

    My 2010, a mix of many things... but the best thing that happend to me was that I began blogging... it changed my life, for good!

    needless to say, meeting pals like you has made my life worthwhile!


    ps: sorry for the loonnggg comment!

  4. and yes, I missed reading ur psots... havn't read the guest post till now. will be reading more soon.

  5. wow... that is a beautiful view... lovely capture

  6. 2010- My first ten day long holiday in 7 yrs and getting out of office for a holiday is not such a bad idea. It can survive without me ;)

    Snow Snow everywhere!... what a picture :)

  7. Christine -
    Thank you! It would be interesting to shoot pictures over the days from the exact same location. But that would require a lot of paraphernalia!!

    Uma -
    Thanks a lot!

  8. Restless -
    The first experience of snow will be a lot of fun for us, since we don't get to see it in most parts of India. But, to live in snow is a little painful. Although, you would get a lot of interesting things to do.

    Hmmm, I remember! You started your blog in 2010 right, you should be very proud with the way it is going :) By now itself you are very famous among the Indian bloggers. Keep the good work going and I wish 2011 will be much much better for you.

  9. Rajlakshmi -
    Thank you!

    Delhizen -
    Now that you know your office can do without you for a short time, take breaks more often. You know my mobile phone is full of pictures with landscapes covered in snow. There is no escape from it for me until April.

  10. indeed... times r the part of our life,,, no matter its good or bad...... nice window view.

  11. Vee somehow it feels really good to have read this post, sort of reminds me of times when work is absolutely consuming yet you want that little break for yourself and trust me I've spent it watching movies, shows whatever I can get my hands on...I haven't been blogging for sometime and haven't read anyone's post's in a just feels really good to read this post...I'm glad..

  12. Irfanuddin - Thank you sir!

    Sidra -
    I have gone through a number of such busy days. And, I have watched lots of movies during that time giving up my sleep. I might have messed up my sleep cycles then, but I had satisfaction that I could spend sometime for myself in the way I wanted. Little things to keep self happy. Glad you read my post and liked it.

  13. This pic reminds me of days I spent in New York. Snowy days... walking on the roads in evenings and slipping for every 10 steps very funny you know... I miss those days.

    Very nice shot Vee.

    Thanks for visiting my page and dropping your valuable comments. keep visiting.

  14. Just saw your comments on my post.

    Thank you for following :)

  15. Vrinda -

    Yeah, slipping is the worst part. I fell down during my first winter right when I stepped out my building. After that, I make sure to wear my winter boots and to be very careful. Thanks for your comment!


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