Wednesday, December 08, 2010


The good place that has got a bad name.

Badlands National Park in South Dakota provides a picturesque view with the colorful ridges, sharp spires, steep canyons and deep gorges formed out of volcanic ashes. These volcanic ashes are carved ans sculptured into breathtaking forms by erosion caused due to rainfall and winds over the years. The name These lands made the lives of our ancestor dwellers very difficult to cross them during their exploration, and hence the name Badlands. For more information on Badlands, follow the link here.

P.S. Watch for Rattle snakes when you go there.

Posted for Thursday Photo Contest (Theme: "Brown").


  1. Nice click... I wonder why they have such names...lolz

  2. Hey, thats a brilliant form of Brown...I just love this place. :)

  3. Shobha -
    Yea, some names are really funny!

    UmaS -
    Thank you!

  4. did you go hiking there? Can you go hiking? I mean it doesn't look very high but it might just be the way the picture was taken...
    I liked how you mentioned the rattle snakes, that truly adds a dark element to it.

  5. SS -
    it is not a hiking place. it is really deep and one might lose life if one is not careful in that place. we were constantly on the vigil when we went there. rattle snakes are not easy to escape from, from what i read.

  6. nice photograph...but how did it get this name ?..Rattle Snakes ?


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