Friday, December 03, 2010

The Mystery

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"You'll end up dead or incarcerated, but you'll be looked up by everyone." The words Pete uttered before his oath resonated inside Bret as he hung up the phone.

With a semi-automatic, Bret headed to Pete's place. It was dark. Unusually. As he entered, Bret heard a click behind him. He knew what it was!

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  1. Uhmmmmm....too short a mystery....but click!!! was it fired thereafter?

  2. short mystery, nicely done vee.. all the best for BAT..

    --Someone is Special--

  3. Whoa!! What happened after that click?? I'm curious...
    All the Best for BAT 17.

  4. now thats a mystery...plz solve d mystery in one o ur upcoming posts...looking forward :)

  5. Short but yet a very subtle one..Nicely done
    All the best for BAT-17

    Alcina - The Mystery

  6. Mystically mystifying mystery... ;)

  7. What a 55er!
    That click can be the end or even the beginning of a shocking story. What potential there is to this teaser. Bret's fate is one big mystery!!!

  8. thats quick and amazing.
    Is it a 55er?

    Must be :)

  9. Amity -

    I know, it's too short. but that's all I can do in a 55-er. We rarely see these in blogaton and I wanted to do it this time.

    And about your question, that'll be a secret for now :P

    SiS -

    Thank you.

    Rumya -

    That'll be told in a sequel, may be! All the best to you too.

    Adarsh -

    I too wish to solve it at a later point. Thanks for dropping by!

  10. Alcina -
    Thank you for your comments and thanks for dropping by.

    Anoop -
    Well said, thank you.

    Vibhuti -
    Yeah, Bret's fate is a mystery. Thank you :)

    Muddassir -
    It is a 55er, and hence the brief post. Thank you for your comment.

  11. the post left a mystery to be be solved...Nice way to end it!

  12. unsolved mystery and that is why its a mystery.great vision behind the post.all the best for BAT.

  13. Ok.. I have a feeling the click was from Pete's pistol..and he was about to shoot Bret. lol.

    But I did not get the hang of the whole thing. Who were they... what were they doing.

    Seems you have taken the title 'mystery' too literally... like you ended up writing something that is a mystery, as of now, to people... please spell it out man.

  14. Very short lived mystery indeed!

  15. Nice 55er. The mystery is well preserved!
    All the best for the BAT.

  16. a minute..the mystery started and it ended too..!!! nice one dear..!!

    All the best for BAT dear..!!!

    Yamini Meduri - The Mystery

    Yamini Meduri

  17. You are the only one in BAT17 who tried a 55er.. Good one

  18. Lost in Thoughts -
    Yeah, it can be taken as a teaser to another post which fills the mystery.

    Maddie -
    Thank you for dropping by!

    Dr. Pratibha -
    It was intentionally left unsolved to leave it to the reader's imagination. glad you liked it.

  19. Kshitij -
    left it to reader's imagination dude. but doesn't involvement in Bret's murder make it all predictable. i just tried something different. most of the posts tried to create a mysterious circumstance and finally concluded with what the reason of mystery was. since i tried a 55er, i didn't want to spill out the mystery itself.

    aativas -
    thanks for dropping by.

    D2 -
    thank you D2

  20. Yamini -
    short is sweet, isn't it? thank you for your comment.

    Beyond Horizon -
    Thanks for reading my post.

    Srikanth -
    feels good to be different. ;)

  21. Mystery in every sense. Especially because the reader is in it! Good 'un ;)

  22. Thank you Guria. Congrats on becoming veteran blogatonic


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