Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mobile Version for Blogspot blogs

Sweet is the word to describe the mobile version of blogspot blogs. "Blogger in draft" rolled out mobile version for the users of Blogger. All you have to do is enable the appropriate settings, and the screen shot below explains it all. For more details, please have a peek into Blogger in Draft's blog.

To enable the mobile version of your blogspot blog

This is how the mobile version of my blog looks like. Life made easy! And, simple and elegant will be the words too.

Psyche's Visage - mobile version

One draw back I noticed so far is that all the scripts are disabled. So, if you are using an external script to keep track of your statistics, then the visitors from mobile phones don't make it to the total count. The "Stats" tab in your "Blogger in Draft" does its works perfectly fine though.


  1. Neat. Sweet. Will try it today. Thank God for wifi lecture halls.

  2. I prefer the big screen any day! Yupp that's old fashioned me.

  3. MangoMan -
    Yeah, nothing beats having a smart phone when u r bored.

    Purba -
    Even I prefer bigger screens to small ones, but this new feature helps when you have to access blogs while traveling.

  4. Hi
    thanks for stopping by. .. hmm. I did tried hand over blogger via mobile. .but inserting video and pics a bit tiring
    just commenting. via that only. . ;-)
    just tried once via coding. .
    you tell howz weather back there in news it was coming its some heavy snowfall there... do post some of its pics. then.

  5. I am not having MMS facility. Can i also post my blog by mobile?

  6. @A2Z Famous Quotes -
    Thre is always an option to email blog posts to blogger for posting them, if u dont have MMS feature on your hone.

  7. Thanks for info. Tried, but it doesn't show mobile layout on my blackberry, using opera mini. Any suggestion ? I don't want to use / add ?m=1. Thanks.

  8. there is no option like this in my setting

  9. How do you change the mobile version in your phones browser to real computer version?

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