Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Fall of Faith

Source: Google

Eyes closed and hands tied
Let go yourself from above
Strong hands of faith hold

Posted for Haiku Heights (Theme: Faith)


  1. beautiful Vee..

    --Someone is Special--

  2. Your picture is not loading for me Vee!!

    But through your words I gather you must be talking about Hang-gliding or mountaineering where you need the utmost faith in your team :)
    Your beautiful haiku brings out that meaning of Faith to me here.

  3. lovely faith.. thanks for the inspiration this week, Vee :) and faith in teamwork is absolutely a must :D

    PS: Pic not loading for me either.

  4. yes... let go and let God... that's how we should all live our lives. brilliant haiku!

  5. magiceye -
    thank you, but i flicked it off the Internet :D

    UmaS -
    yeah, was also trying to introduce this game to people through my haiku since many might not know about this.

    SiS -
    thank you!

  6. Nanka -
    my post was about Trust Fall game, which is a team building activity. and from ur comment i realized its applicable even fr hand-gliding and other adventurous activities. Sorry about the pic. i will make sure it loads although i didn't face any problem. thanks for letting me know.

    Leo -
    Thank you for considering my prompt this week.

    Thank you for your comment :)

  7. I've done bungee jumping and i'm so proud of myself for i,t borderline boastful as well! heh
    Anyway point is, it is about the leap, the leap of faith. Perhaps it takes a lot or may be just a little but it definitely takes confidence and faith.

    It is a fabulous idea to write about a thing like this because you don't know who you might inspire! But even if it's just one person, me, someone else, whoever it's a good thing...

  8. SS -
    i read your post on bungee jumping sometime back. hmmm yeah, you just have to trust your team and the equipment because it's a life risking jump in your case. in the game I mentioned in my post, its just a case of bruises or if things go really wrong then some broken bones. But bungee jumping is much more appropriate i guess :) Thanks for saying those words! Really a motivation to pen down some thoughts like these.

  9. this sounds apt too, but here in this game people don't jump but they just let the body go and fall freely. :)


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