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It definitely is a week of celebration so far. Celebrated Halloweens with friends for the first time. I was the Crazy Joker with a bloody butcher knife. And to accompany me, some of my friends also masked up in scary avatars. The Zakusi guard, the Zombie with braided hair, the monster who never smiles, the nameless warrior, the headless phantom and the scream guy. Super fun it was!!!

And the big thing to celebrate was I graduated with a degree in MS from Univ of Minnesota after putting in lots of effort. The sweat, the energy and the soul I put in it reaped the fruits.:P This leaves me with the big question, what next? But who cares now? At least for a little while let me enjoy the happiness. I definitely am happy now that I'm done and it should be obvious from my words. Also, bought myself a brand new iPhone4 as a graduation gift. Here is a screen capture from my MS project, and it's a rendering of simulated blood flow through aorta of heart with a mechanical heart valve and the path some of the blood particles take throughout the course represented as lines.

And although we didn't celebrate Diwali the way we would in India, it was a non-stop food celebration. Made vadas for the first time after hours of effort, and here you see our yummy vadas with finely grated onions, chillies and ginger added in style.

But none of these can ever match up with the way we celebrate Diwali in India with family and friends. I hope everyone had a wonderful Diwali!
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  1. Your costume freaked me out!! and well, happy diwali from me and India! nice write up.. and good luck for batom!

  2. Celebrating Diwali away from home always irks you even if it is in some other state inside India only-i guess every place has a unique style of celebration of its own.And till the time we get accustomed to that new style, we keep comparing it with OUR place and this is what I have been doing this time-you actually mirrored my thoughts.
    All the best! :)
    P.S. The vadas look yummy :)

  3. Hi Vee;

    Wow...congratulations dear for successfully finishing your MS, is it a Master's Degree?

    It is worth celebrating indeed, after all the hardwork and sacrifices you've had...cheers! and enjoy the success!

    Happy Diwali, I wish to taste that food you prepared, looks so delicious!

    Costume party, well, we really would have some fun of halloween...only it sounds spooky in your description, but is spookiness that adds the fun!

    Again, congratulations Vee for adding another laurel in your sleeve!



  4. Those vadas look so tempting! u made them?!
    Happy celebrations!

  5. Mouth watering vada's! Wish u a happy diwali :)

  6. Vee,

    Congrats on you obtaining the MS PG degree. what next plans?

    Man it should have been fun to be apart of that haloween party :p

  7. Saro -
    Thank you for the wishes. Oh ya, I freaked a lot of people with my costume and my butcher knife. :D

    Jaspreet -
    Even when I was in India, I was away from home in a different state. I know how it feels, but it still is different being in a different country altogether. May be it's just a matter of time. Thank you for the compliment on vadas.

    Amity -
    Thank you very much for the wishes. It is a Masters degree. And to add to the spookiness, I was laughing weirdly and all. It was fun, more fun being part of the party for the first time.

  8. Restless -
    Team effort I must say :) gobbled up 8 of those.

    Shruti -
    Oh ya, they were tasty. Happy diwali to you too.

    Muddassir -
    Will take up a job. Need to start looking for one! Halloween party was really fun. Walking on the roads with those costumes on is definitely fun.

  9. Wrong time to read your blog...hungry and vadas are mouthwatering...

    Lost in thoughts - Celebrations

  10. Its during the festivals that we really feel homesick and nothing can match up to the celebration that we can have with family and friends. It was my first Halloween here too, in Toronto, and I had a wonderful experience moving around with the kids collecting sweets from different houses, observing how crazily people were dressed, some of them were truly frightening. Guess each country has its own unique way of celebrating occasions and we gradually become part of it. Congrats for the successful completion of MS.

  11. First of all congrats for MS degree,you look really scary with that mask for halloween.well vadas looks delicious.Diwali was yet another celebration time so it was 3 in one celebration.
    GREAT POST it is.

  12. It was real fun: Halloween, Diwali and Peninsula :)

  13. sweet and simple diwali post :)
    yeah Diwali in India is the best :)

    All the best :)
    Here is my celebration:
    Ms. Meduri- Celebrations

  14. Bhayya, awesome post once again.

    Congrats again on your graduation. I am sure you will have a rocking future ahead.

    Yup, we had a far better Halloween than the last two and a food and fun filled Diwali. You are right that this will never match with what we have in India. But still spending fun time with good friends and having yummy food is awesome.

    You forgot to mention about our "Anthyakshari" :P.

  15. Lost in Thoughts -
    I hope you ate something to satisfy your hunger :)

    Cherry Blossom -
    Yeah, it's just a matter of time. But there is nothing that beats home. Thank you very much for the wishes.

    Dr. Prathiba -
    Thank you very much for the wishes. Yeah, it was 3 in one celebration. Rather, it's a week full of celebration.

  16. Srikanth -
    Sussu Bday, Halloween, Diwali, Harish Bday, Peninsula, Food cooking, Songs, Sravan Bday. Total fun it was, one after another.

    Ms. Meduri -
    Thank you. :)

    Arun -
    Thank you very much for the wishes. Having fun with friends is totally awesome. I didn't forget abt our cacophony, but didn't it mention here too. Cos I cannot really convey how much fun we had through writing. People themselves had to be part of it :P

  17. Hi Vee,

    Send me your guest post though my ID (

    Your post will come out in my space as scheduled!

    Thanks yah...hugs!

  18. To begin, I congratulate you on your degree. And even more so for all the wonderful time you've been having.

    The heart thing looks complex and vadaas a bit out of shape. But am sure they tasted great. Diwali was the usual fun for me... but I'd love to get a taste of Halloweens some day.

    Thanks for writing.

  19. Wow!! So many things to celebrate!! Congratulations on your degree! The vadas sure look yummy :D

  20. Knowledge, food, gadgets-u have stuffed your post to the brim with one reason after the other for a celebration ! A most persistent take on the topic.
    And do allow me to add my congratulations for the MS !

  21. A E I O U.

    you know what is special about them except being called vowels

    they are arc of life.

    :)...and you are living one of those lives. . . with a different sort of arc.

    Good Post.


  22. Amity - Thank you! :)

    Kshitij -
    Thank you for the wishes boss! The out of shape vadas tasted like bliss! Halloween is fun if you've not tried it. Going crazy wearing those masks and costumes is fun.

    Bhavya -
    Thank you.. The vadas were yummy and also it was quite some time since I had those. That made them more tasty. :)

  23. Brij -
    I just got done with my Masters and I was totally having fun when I wrote the post. Wanted to share my happiness with blogger pals and blogaton was aptly running the topic "Celebrations". So, bombarded my post with everything I was going through. I'm glad you liked it. And, thank you for the wishes too!

    Makk -
    didn't really understand AEIOU and the arcs of life. But, I'm happy you liked what I shared. And thank you for the wishes bro!

  24. diwali out of home...i totally relate with you there...but ya it brings a different experience.. :)

  25. adarsh - yeah! that's a totally different experience though!


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