Sunday, November 14, 2010


A new beginning
Echoes with the leafless trees
Clad in silky snow

Snow started all of a sudden this year. What was a pleasant sunny city until yesterday morphed into white color completely after the sudden 6-inch thick snow fall today. Here is another photo of this place early this morning and the snow-lady we built for the record. :D 

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  1. Snow Lady, happy
    Will welcome Sun with a smile
    Politely melting..

    Beautiful photographs and a take on the prompt..

  2. I remembering making a snowman too..but failed miserably sob sob...So snow finally in MN'll have to be with it for some months now..stay warm!!

  3. It is that time of year--I'm guessing I might not be too far from you even though I just missed out on the snow. Love the haiku.

    Mine are here. and

  4. this makes me wish I lived where it would snow at least just once... I am envious!

  5. Ramesh -
    That's a beautiful haiku on the fly. Totally love the way you write. :)

    Upasana -
    My third winter here in MN, and I was told this'll be my worst as well until now. Let's see how it goes. We were a team of 13 making the snow-lady, totally fun it was barring the frost bite part. Hmmm, I'll include the frost bites also in the fun part. :P

  6. Teresa -
    Yeah, it is that time of the year. My winter wear is all ready to be used.

    Amanda -
    I don't think you'll envy us after u live one winter here. Although, that depends on various other conditions as well

    Asmita -
    Looong time! How are you? Couldn't stop laughing looking at your comment. I remember your feelings abt winter and snow :P

  7. Sad it doesn't snow here, but its still raining. Unusual weather, mid-November.
    Cool Haiku!! :)

  8. Vee, you're a poet, why made an excellent haiku here...:-) Keep it up, and now am waiting for a poetry guest post from you... :-)

    I would love to experience snow...:-) NO snow here in our country! :(

  9. Vee....thanks for helped me grab the gold again... :-)

    Thanks so much!

  10. Vee, good to see the snow. I have never seen it personally!

    I like ur poetic expressions :)

    btw how can u be contacted? apart from fb and twitter? do u check ur indimail?


  11. Nanka-
    Snow looks nice but it's really painful to deal with after effects of snowfall. The drop in temperatures n messy roads. I'm happy u liked my haiku.

    Thank you:)

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Glad u liked it. Thank u :)

  12. love the silky snow feelings.

    I am late.
    Thanks for reading.


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