Friday, November 05, 2010

Crazy Horse

The mountain carving on the background of the picture is supposed to assume the shape of the miniature version with a warrior on a horse in the foreground after completion. Crazy Horse is the name of the warrior in this carving, a Native American who fought and died for the freedom of Native Americans in the history of USA. When completed, this mountain sculpture will be 641 ft wide and 563 ft high (source: wiki). Due to funding constraints and lack of proper support, the construction of the memorial which was started in 1960s is going on at snail pace and now looks what it is in the picture.

After being defeated in war the Native Americans waged against the encroachment of US government into their territories and their living, when a white man asked him "Where are your lands now?". To that Crazy Horse responded "My lands are where my dead lie buried". Crazy Horse Memorial with this warrior pointing at their lands was started to honor his quote and to make history remember the truth untold. The truth about their glorious past and their unfulfilled future.

Knowing about what they went through is definitely one of best experience that happened to me when I went on a trip to South Dakota.


  1. Hi Vee;

    So this is in South Dakota? Thanks for sharing a piece of your history! Crazy horse and they are making people crazier as to when this will be finished, what with such a snail pace!

    Btw, I am pleased to remind you of your guest post in my blog could submit it earlier, just let me know when...coz i wish all guest posts will be in by the end of next week so i can schedule them one by one!

    Thanks dear and have a happy weekend!



  2. Interesting piece of trivia. The native Americans truly were exploited heavily. Those indigenous people have an amazing culture quite unlike any other. Having met a couple myself, I was amazed at how progressive they are and yet, very sociable indeed.

  3. Amity -
    I wouldn't blame the people of Crazy Horse memorial for the snail pace work. It's majorly due to lack of support to them from the US government I think. The native americans never are people of money, so it's hard for them to raise money to build a monument which stand tall telling the future of their past.

    Thank you for the reminder about guest blog. I'm really happy to have the opportunity, but due to my busy schedule in the recent past I couldn't dedicate enough time for blogging. Will let you know once I got done with it.

  4. D2 -
    Totally agree with you. It partly reminded me of our own history - the way we got exploited to some extent during the Raj time. I think this is what they say about history that repeats.


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