Saturday, November 20, 2010

Google Instant Bollywood

Have you ever tried to kill time by looking for random stuff on Google? I do it all the time, and the whole experience was completely enhanced after Google Instant was released. Here is how I burned an evening looking for Bollywood on Google.

And here is how you can get an idea on the mentality of people in general. The kind of terms they attribute to Bollywood and its stars are quite obvious from the search terms used.

Now, this is kind of the impression I've on Aishwarya Rai. And Google Instant summarized it for me appropriately. 
This left me wondering why so many people are concerned about Kajol expecting a baby or getting pregnant again and again.

I was hoping to see something on how Kareena sucks at acting or on her size zero. But apparently people are lot more concerned and confused about her virginity.

Now, it's the complexion of Deepika Padukone that they are confused about.

And Priyanka Chopra's as well, but looks like people are always concerned about the virginity of Bollywood female stars.

I'm sorry Preity. :P

This is exactly the same question most of us must be having, about the sexuality of Rakhi Sawanth. I don't differ either.

LMAO! I couldn't stop laughing when I came across this. How on earth can people even come up with this Search Query? This made my day!  

I hope you will also waste some of your time looking for your favorite personalities after going through this post.


  1. OMG!Hilarious! I like the Rakhi Sawant is a man part...lolzz and son of Nehru?Hahaha...this is totally crazy :D

  2. lol!! Last two are the best :D

  3. Funny one. Btw, did you mean google autocomplete?

  4. Upasana -
    I know! I really cannot understand how some one can bring up a connection between Nehru and BigB.

    Bhavya -
    They sure are :)

    Vijay -
    Ideally, it is just the auto-complete feature. But I explored this thing only after google instant came out which is why I named it so.

  5. Yayyy....what an interesting way to waste time Vee...I was really smiling with a chuckle na...:P

    Btw, your guest post will go up first ahead of the rest, come the 26th of the month, that will be a Friday...see you then...:-)

    Good morning and have a nice day!

  6. Vee,

    this was hilarious! I was always reading serious stuff on ur blog... but this time..!

    and LOL for aishwarya, I think the same about her!!! ah feel bad for Priety.

    Hey u get so much time for this dude?!



  7. Amity -
    Thank you, a chuckle on ur face. purpose of the post achieved.

    glad you liked it. it was one of those evenings after working for the entire day.

  8. Well well... that is how i take time off my work! It is hilarious, thought provoking, at times absolutely puzzling too. Thanks for that post Vee.

  9. Rajuda -
    Haha thanks for your encouraging words..


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