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R.I.P Walkman

Reported by Vee on Oct 26, 2010

July 1st 1979 - Oct 23rd 2010
Music is enough for a life time
But a life time is not enough for music
Minneapolis. Walkman, since 1979, is a firm believer of this statement and Sony's announcement recently on Walkman's demise comes as a rude shock to all the music lovers who have wonderful memories of their own Walkmans years ago. Walkman, although is the name of Sony's product, became a synonym for portable cassette player. The 30 year old tape player which revolutionized the idea of personal music had donned no lesser number of looks compared to what Rajini did in his latest movie Robot.
Walkman, first look
Fans and followers of Walkman claim that Apple and its music machines iPods are primary reasons for the sad death of Walkman. However, Sony didn't respond to this but said they would continue to name more products of theirs after Walkman. Earlier, Sony has named some of their phones after the legend Walkman and more recently they've launched their Walkman mp3 players.
Sports version
Walkman became popular among youngsters over the years and was owned by about 200 million people from across the world. Walkman was always knows for improvisation and reaching expectations. Constantly, various features and versions were introduced.
With auto-reverse feature
Walkman, an immediate sensation in music listening will always be remembered and will live forever in our memories. May its soul rest in peace. Amen!

P.S. I did waste enough time on creating the line drawing based on images from Google. It's fun though!


  1. I own one when I was a kid...it was the 'in' thing then, and status symbol too if you have one... but well, technocrats are some kind of genius people so they invent n invent!

    Now what took the place of a walkman is an Ipod everyone's crazy to have...:-)

    I told u i was intrigued with this post of yours when i saw the title in my bloglist of ur updated blog!

    Have a nice day Vee... ;-)

  2. Hey! even I was keeping very busy to check ur blog. Was just replying to comments. Today I got time, so here I am :)

    Yeah, u r right Walkman....feel sad for this... new technology sweeps away the old and we hardly regret, but his one surely is bringing nostalgia to the musis lovers all over the world. I also love music, presently have Philips MP3, which is not so cool in looks but is very useful product.

    wish, walkman could also stay in this world :(

    I was also thinking to write something like this, good u wrote!


  3. Good one bhayyaaa. Made me remember about my first walkman, I loved that one. Then Sony came up with walkman phone and I went for it.

    Now same is the case with I pod and I phone :)

    Anyway RIP Walkman.

  4. well said. actually, i wanted to have a post on this. but had to rethink after seeing such a good post frm u.

    now, i'm dying to lay my hands on my walkman which was left in india

  5. Reminds me of my first Rs. 400 black SONY Walkman in BITS

  6. Amity -

    Walkman was the "in" thing, just like iPods a little while before and iPhones now. So, did my post meet your expectations you might have had when u saw the title in your blog list ?

    Restless -

    Hope you liked my post. Its better being history than being lying useless around. Had Walkman not been in news, we would not even think and recall all the good memories we have with it now. And ya, new technologies sweeps the old. How many of us remember the Nokia 1100 or other torch light models which we used when cellphones started penetrating in India. Now, we are all for the high end phones.

  7. Arun -

    Ya, RIP Walkman is all we can say now. As there is no chance we would use it even if someone pays us for using it. :P

    Satish -

    I would love to see your take on this :) Glad you liked what I wrote. :D

    Srikanth -

    I think I had a Walkman much before, during schooling I think.

  8. Walkman, defined 3/4th of my life as a college student.
    Ah how i miss it.
    Thanks for sharing this Vee

  9. What a cool gadget to have - in college days..
    And remember that diskman: Legendary rival to walkman?
    Dude we are getting old !

  10. Muddassir -
    Thanks man!

    Sandy -
    Oh ya, I remember. But it never became as popular as walkman. Walkman became a synonym for a set of products itself..


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