Friday, October 08, 2010

Life & Death: One Frame At A Time

Earlier during 2008 - 09, I was doing a series of fictional short stories about a character called Sireesh. For every episode of the story I wrote, I tried to introduce a sense of incompleteness into it so that it could be continued in a different part.

Given the time since I've not pondered on that story, my ideas on it got a bit rusty. With this post, I'm trying to motivate myself and also thinking of encouraging my blogger friends to help me with ideas on continuation. I'm also open for a guest post on it if you wish to give it a good continuation. Waiting to hear from you on this. And here are the posts in order -

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  1. Hi Vee,

    so you're writing stories? that's great dear, however, let your imagination be at work to finish what you've started, and asking other's would be good but will no longer be your sole ideas anymore...:-)

    if you could do it yourself, then you've proven your worth that you can really do it!

    be inspired! :-)

  2. HI Vee,

    Good morning... :-) Thanks for making my gold win possible...I was told by Vipul that you casted your vote, 2 minutes before the voting time closed...:-)

    Thanks so much dear! In gratitude, I would like to be continually be indebted with you by doing a guest post in my 2nd blogoversary, come NOvember 28...:-)

    Just pen anything that pleases you and please let me know when I am done... :-) just send me the post thru mail and i will do the rest!

    Thanks Vee..good morning! Please let me know in my blog of your response!

  3. Vee, u post was so good, blogaton one, wish they gave more encouragement prizes.

  4. I am a sucker for fiction :-) Bookmarking you, so I can come back to read you at leisure!

    Btw, Vee, thank you so much for your vote at Indiblogger. Means a lot to me!! Thanks!

  5. Amity -
    Thank you for your suggestions. I'm just trying to encourage others to write guest posts on my blog through this fiction series. But, I agree it will no longer be my work.

    Restless -
    You liked my post, and that itself is a great encouragement prize to me. What else matters when other people like what we write!

    Writerzblock -
    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  6. Hi Vee,

    Your blog is different!

    Keep writing!



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