Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crazy week

Hours of sleeping time in the past 5 days - 16
Amount of coffee consumed - looots
Food taken - who cared
Work levels - shit loads
Moment to remember - Walking alone on the roads from 4 AM to 5 AM in the morning missing the bus and being afraid of getting mugged while crossing through a dark street.
Current mood/state - Freaking tired, but unable to sleep. 

This week was totally crazy, never had such a busy week in my life so far I guess. Very happy it all ended now, although I'm not really happy about the results of the work done during this period despite lots of effort. On the other hand, now I hope I will have some time to blog every once in a while again. 

Haven't been doing much of picture-less posts. To maintain the trend, here we go with one. Although non-contextual, but wanted something to set a happier mood. :P
Clicked using friend's brand new iPhone.


Food for thought for the day - Will you be a chicken if you shove feathers up your butt?


  1. edukkuda ivala vele pannure?

  2. I lost my first comment here so I guess that's makin me crazy Vee...

    All of us go though or suffer some crazy days...Me too, no one is spared, if ever that would be almost paradise to him and pure bliss... :P

  3. Ajay -

    summa da! :P

    Amity -

    I wouldn't really call it suffering, but I was just sharing my crazy week with bloggers :) And the other thing is life feels so good after having a busy week full of work.

    Satish -

    Ya, totally true :)

  4. Nice Pic!
    Cheering up the stress time! good its al over now :)


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