Thursday, October 14, 2010

Attention Problem!

I always knew that Siddharth Narayan is an intelligent actor, but only recently did I know about his intelligence as a person too. Have a look at this video and you will know what I'm talking about. The major point in his talk is how the current generation of Indian population have this "Attention Problem" and how we cannot focus on something even for a little while.

I might have had something to argue either on behalf or against his point, but after I went through the comments in that youtube video above I don't. There is this man trying to make a point, trying to motivate us. And we just abuse each other without caring for anything at all. And, this is a common case with all youtube videos or forums or anything which have India as their central theme. Seriously, what's the problem with us! Can all these abuses attributed to anonymity these online forums provide when the users comment? May be, given a chance to go anonymous or invisible these bunch of shameless people would start looting the country in every possible way just like the way they loot the country's pride by posting shameless comments against each other.

And what's with these fan groups in India? Fans of a certain hero cannot withstand fans of another. Followers of a politician cannot bear followers of others. When all these heroes and politicians are friends in reality, their fans and followers go on fighting with words on online forums for no reason. What's wrong with their gray matter, and what happened to their thinking ability?


  1. "If I wanted to take a picture with the minister, I would have done a photoshop!" Funny that was. Jokes apart..I think he is really trying to make a point here.
    I have noticed the same thing Vee. Most of the youtube videos have comments that insult each other's nation. Sad thing it is.

  2. that's a quick response Upasana. Yeah, his speech had this humor element added appropriately, too. lot to learn from him :D It's not only against each others' nations, but people abuse among themselves too! all they need to abuse is a reason - hero, politician, religion, caste, nation, and sometimes male vs. female too!

  3. I happened to watch this video the other day. I liked what he said about the attention problem, creating more quorums for constructive discussions and not to forget about his media bashing conclusion ;).
    And when I saw the comments section beneath, it reinforced what he said. They fight just for the sake of it! Nothing related to what was being talked there.
    And yeah! I always loved Sidh :D We should call him an intellectual actor may be!

  4. Abusing one another is inherent among 'us' because of our huge diversity (mainly due to language and caste). An ill fated ex-chief minister of a state became a victim of this recently in another state. If state governments (house of people who make laws) in a country can not RESPECT each other, it reflects in the people. We first need to learn to live and respect others despite being different.

  5. Bhavana -
    Oh ya, I loved his media bashing too. "One tight slap" are the words. :D

    Anonymous -
    That's a great example brought up. But that's politics, and will have N number of reasons and implications for each thing done. But, the case with the common man is slightly different. Abusing others for the heck of it really reflects badly. And this increases a lot when the people are given a chance to go anonymous. We don't really see abusing at such an extent on facebook forums, not as much as we see on Youtube. And as you said, diversity definitely plays its role too.

  6. Vee,
    Thanks for sharing this.
    I have been looking for this video for quite sometime now.
    I had heard about it from my friends, now I get to watch it.
    Thanks Much !!

  7. @Vamsi.. I agree with the movie part of ur post

  8. Hey! Thanks for sharing the video!

  9. Muddassir-
    Glad you found the share useful

    Srikanth -
    I thnk this is the case with almost all the youtube videos within indian context. donno why!!

    Nehha -
    Thank you.


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