Monday, October 04, 2010

Fall colors

A treat to the eyes
When nature tries to show off!
Rejoice the colors.

It's about time for Fall colors. Last year we didn't have proper colors due to an early winter. 2008 was one of the best in terms of colors. Here is a picture of 08 colors from the Minnesota campus.
Last Saturday, I've been to Duluth along with friends exclusively for Fall Colors. Although the colors are not at their best, it still was a feast to the eyes! The picture below is from Savannah State Park, Duluth, Minnesota!

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  1. That is a visual treat Vee!! Love it when nature turns a show-off :)

  2. Nature flaunting colors!! Loved it!!
    Nice photos you have taken too, Vee. Minnesota looks a beautiful place. :)

  3. visual treat indeed! you made me wish we get to experience fall here. lovely haiku piece!

    Rejoice (Haiku)

  4. your haiku is really a treat to the eyes Vee.:-)

  5. Very beautiful pics... :) :) Love the play of colors. :)

  6. nice colors and cool light in the second pic!

  7. Nanka -
    When nature tries to show off, we don't have an option other than loving it. Do we?

    Rumya -
    It certainly is. Land of 10000 lakes. You simply cannot get done with a road trip without happening to visit lakes and parks.

    Bing -
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  8. Amity -
    Thanks for the kind words, but I think my haiku is nothing when compared to the colors here. Words & pictures cannot still convey the bliss completely. :)

    Uma -
    Thank you! A wide variety of shades and colors you see at this point of the year here.

    Gautami -
    Thanks for visiting.

  9. Joshi Daniel -
    Good to hear a comment on my photograph from a pro like you. :)

    Restless -
    Thank you :)

    Nehha -
    Which one is it? The first one or the second? Or both ? :P

  10. Beautiful photos...I love the colors of fall. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Nature shows off... what a word play... I am in love with colours.. so your post made me so very happy.. well in any creation I try to look at the soul who has written it and that who might have inspired it.. trust me I am suddenly feeling so good.. loved it..

  12. It looks just like our fall here in Alaska. It took me quite a while to learn to appreciate the more muted colors from the Ozarks.

  13. Write Girl -
    Thank you very much.

    Ramesh Sood -
    Very glad you liked my words! :) Nature is the biggest inspiration to most things we do. And when that nature it self decides to shows off, do we have any other option apart from being spellbound?

    An Anchorage -
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm not really sure if Minnesota falls under Ozarks.

  14. Great response to the prompt - Fall colors certainly are well worth Nature's try

  15. lovely...the colours are indeed a reason to rejoice!

  16. Moe Lauher -
    Thank you. :)

    Nalini Hebbar -
    Indeed! Thanks for dropping by.


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