Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have you found your inner peace?

"Anything is possible when you have inner peace" says Master Shifu to his student Po, and this is how "the dragon warrior" saves not just the Valley of Peace, but entire China. Enjoying the confidence he has gained as the dragon warrior after defeating the evil and ferocious snow leopard Tai Lung in the first part, our Kung-Fu Panda continues his adventures along with the Furious Five in this new sequel. Just like Spiderman reasserted the statement "With great power comes great responsibility", Po restates "To protect from a powerful villain, a great hero will be born". 
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And this evil villain, a peacock, becomes a trouble to deal with for our warrior Panda when he claims "China is mine" and determines to eliminate and destroy Kung-fu with his almighty metal spitting weapons. In fighting the evil peacock Lord Shen, Po has to find answers. Answers about his past, about his parents and about how Lord Shen is related to his past. On learning the answers to all his questions through the soothsayer, a female goat with a long beard, Po finds his inner peace and sets forth to save his friends, the furious five, and China from the evil antagonist. All this action  doesn't mean that our Panda lost interest in gobbling up dumplings or lost his funny tooth. He is all the same, but a little more dynamic after perfecting his kung-fu skills.

Year after year, quality of CGI has been improving dramatically and this movie is no exception. There were pretty complicated scenes designed in this movie, and the action sequence in ocean as the movie ends stands out. I strongly felt that the movie and the animations were designed specifically keeping in mind the effect it would give while watching in 3D. So, if you haven't watched this movie yet, go for it. And go for it in 3D.

Until then, in search of inner peace!



  1. Going for it tomorrow with the kid!! Looking forward to it and of course the inner peace!! :)

  2. I was thinking Vee I already saw this movie with kids...but maybe this is a sequel to what I have seen...:) Must be nice...sure I would watch it again, of course with kids...:)

    I am at wordpress now..please try to drop by when you have time. Here is the link: http://intelclub.wordpress.com/



  3. Have you experienced 4D? I got a chance to catch a 15 min preview of a 4D Happy Feet. It was awesome..Not sure if many theaters have it. Inner peace oh well..I am restless most of the times..I surely need a bit of it.

  4. Vee, was forced to be away from blogs for a long time :( I hope to be regular now, so headed to ur blog :)

    My son is excited to watch this movie, as u said will watch in 3D.

    tk cr


  5. Shilpa -
    Hope your kid liked the movie!

    Amity -
    That was part 1 which came about 3 years ago and became a huge hit. The sequel came recently, and is faring well at the box office.

  6. UB -
    Oh yes, I watched all the awesome moments of Polar Express in 4D in Madame Tussads NY. Snow flakes sprinkling and chairs moving. some fun it was.

    Restless -
    Good to have you back on my blog. It is a 3D movie, I hope your kid will have fun.

  7. Vee, was always wanted to visit my favourite bloggers ( and u know ur place in that!) but some issues held me back.

    I hope and pray, to be connected with u all.


  8. I want to watch this film!!!


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