Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Periodic Table 2011 Update

Apparently operating systems and softwares are not the only ones to get frequent updates. The elements of periodic table also have their turn. It is about time for all the science teachers to update charts of the periodic tables on the class room walls as two more artificial elements made their place permanent in the table. Although the life span of these these unnamed elements, only identified as element 114 and 116, is very short  scientists have decided to make their place permanent in history. These new elements are very unstable and they disintegrate seconds after their formation. I wonder who or what they will be named after, as 112th was named Copernicium after Nicholas Copernicus.
Taxi wrapped in Periodic table for promotion by Oxford Science Park last year.

Periodic table gave me a hard time when I was a kid, as we were expected to remember all its elements by heart. It was really hard trying to remember all the 103 names of natural elements by categorizing them. But in the end it was fun as you compete with your friends and play games with all those weird sounding names. Recently man made elements were making their place permanent in the periodic table and increasing it size.

More elements will more names for kids to remember! So, how many periodic elements did you have to remember when you were a student?


  1. Vee, u always come up with such interesting and often enlightening stuff! I didn't know this ( i think i wrote it earlier too on ur blog!)

    Will ask my son does he know about man made elements being added to already long list!

    Phew, I hated to memorize things as a student!!! Only understanding will do for me :)

    tk cr


  2. OMG don't remind me! It was such a pain memorizing it all. Chemistry has never been my favorite it physical or organic and there was a time when I was planning to study Biochemistry..phew! Thank god I didn't pursue it :D

  3. that car would be so helpful had i been in school ryt now!

  4. wonderful way to look at a artistic periodic table on the car:) Would be so inspiring to relearn the table now!

  5. Restless -
    Thank you for those kind words. I found it interesting and could not resist sharing this with you all.

    Upasana - Biochemistry sounds fun. should have tried your hand it.

    Raphael - pretty useful. that would have been fun way to learn periodic table.

    sajeev - but, relearning the table! that will make my heart sink, i am done with it all. :)


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