Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Did you watch the Blood Red Moon?

"Mom, what's an eclipse?"
"Eclipse occurs when sun or moon disappears for a short time."

"Why do they disappear?"
"Because Rahu and Ketu gobbles them up."

"Why do Rahu and Ketu eat sun or moon?"
"Because Lord Vishnu caused harm to these demons."

"Can I watch it?"
"No, because the snakes might eat you"

I still remember a conversation like this happening between me and my mom many years ago. And, since I was always not allowed to stay out during a grahanam, as a little kid, I had huge imaginations about it. I used to imagine that if I watch the sun during an eclipse through an exposed film, I could as well see huge snakes slowly swallowing the part of the sun disappeared until then. I used to think of those humongous snakes. Although I never thought about partial eclipses. May be that happens when the Rahu boy and Ketu dude are not so hungry.

So, did you guys have a chance to see the eclipse? India was one of the few regions from which entire eclipse could be viewed. I watched the eclipse at regular intervals from Dubai. Well, not really in person, but through Slooh. Thanks to Google for sharing this with me! And, Slooh is the silent hero behind Google's lunar eclipse logo. 

Do share your experiences about this lunar eclipse, or photos if you have clicked any!


  1. I remember having the similar conversation with my grand mother. Yup, I watched it through Slooh, and flicker has good number of awesome pics from this year eclipse. Take a look at them when you get a chance.

  2. A nice post. Thanks for sharing the story.

  3. Arun - I guess we all had similar conversations with our elders. :)

    Barkha - Thank you

    Buy Essays - Thanks for stopping by.

  4. hmm nice share.
    I agree, I saw good pictures from flicker.

  5. "May be that happens when the Rahu boy and Ketu dude are not so hungry." . That was a good line.


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