Saturday, March 05, 2011


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I hate change
But my bus driver insisted,
And so did my vending machine!

Its a sad life.

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  1. :)....:)

    I could only smile Vee...:) Good morning!!!

  2. Nice. I intrepreted Change the same way and though my post would be unique but you have also intrepreted it similarly.

  3. haha, nice one Vee!! ur style - short and simple! (KISS - keep it simple and short! suits u!)



  4. :) implicated my outputs :D super like ..

  5. Lmao!! good one.

    Yes, life continues to disappoint. :-l

  6. Vee, sweet I smiled.. Well said, Smiles, mine is what most people feel in their heart but no one acts to achieve it, Change

    Someone is Special

  7. nice one. but don't change-

  8. very simple and short and sweet.. loved it... would love ur views on my short piece on change!

  9. Hmmmm , Change is the need of the hour it seems. Very sweet and simple words though.
    All the best

  10. Amity -
    Glad I could make you smile with this ultra short post.

    The Fool -
    So our thoughts match. That's cool. Will sure read your post.

    Restless -
    Short is simple, and simple is sweet. This short post is also a result of lack of time, but I didn't want to miss Vipul's blogaton.

    Muddassir -
    Signature style? I used to write haikus sometimes but these kind of short posts are not my signature style I guess. But, happy that you liked it.

    Critic - :)

  11. Saket -
    So, that's one more person I found who thinks alike. :)

    Amropali -
    Ye, life continues to disappoint :P

    SiS -
    Thanks man, will sure read your post. I am sure you must have written a wonderful note.

    Sapna -
    Happy you liked, and thanks for dropping by!

  12. Pramod -
    i guess I won't change :) Thanks for dropping by!

    Aashish -
    Thanks man. Will definitely read your post on the topic.

    Lost in thoughts -
    happy this little collection of words made you smile.

    Dr. Pratibha -
    Sure, most do want change. but i'm one of those repulsive to change. i cannot accept it with open hands, i am afraid of the changes a change brings in. but that fear is just a matter of time.

    Maverick -
    Thanks man!

  13. That was succinct and crisp. Didn't know you hate change. I love it -- both actual and eventual.

  14. Wish change could be synonymous with convenience

  15. Humourous take on the prompt!! Lovely Vee!
    PS: Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you like them :)

  16. Hahaha...very intellectual and hilarious indeed :)


  17. Zephyr -
    there is no disagreement that change isn't good. but unfortunately i'm, in a way, afraid of it.

    Sweta -
    Thank you! :)

    Delhizen -
    Well said. its a matter a convenience as well, change! both actual and eventual.

    Bhavya -
    Happy you liked this tiny post..

    Vaish -
    Thanks a lot. I loved your posts!!

    Alcina -
    Very glad you found this one both intellectual and funny. :D


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