Saturday, March 05, 2011


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I hate change
But my bus driver insisted,
And so did my vending machine!

Its a sad life.

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  1. :)....:)

    I could only smile Vee...:) Good morning!!!

  2. Nice. I intrepreted Change the same way and though my post would be unique but you have also intrepreted it similarly.

  3. haha, nice one Vee!! ur style - short and simple! (KISS - keep it simple and short! suits u!)



  4. :) implicated my outputs :D super like ..

  5. Lmao!! good one.

    Yes, life continues to disappoint. :-l

  6. Vee, sweet I smiled.. Well said, Smiles, mine is what most people feel in their heart but no one acts to achieve it, Change

    Someone is Special

  7. ha ha nice one!

  8. nice one. but don't change-

  9. very simple and short and sweet.. loved it... would love ur views on my short piece on change!

  10. Hmmmm , Change is the need of the hour it seems. Very sweet and simple words though.
    All the best

  11. Amity -
    Glad I could make you smile with this ultra short post.

    The Fool -
    So our thoughts match. That's cool. Will sure read your post.

    Restless -
    Short is simple, and simple is sweet. This short post is also a result of lack of time, but I didn't want to miss Vipul's blogaton.

    Muddassir -
    Signature style? I used to write haikus sometimes but these kind of short posts are not my signature style I guess. But, happy that you liked it.

    Critic - :)

  12. Saket -
    So, that's one more person I found who thinks alike. :)

    Amropali -
    Ye, life continues to disappoint :P

    SiS -
    Thanks man, will sure read your post. I am sure you must have written a wonderful note.

    Sapna -
    Happy you liked, and thanks for dropping by!

  13. Pramod -
    i guess I won't change :) Thanks for dropping by!

    Aashish -
    Thanks man. Will definitely read your post on the topic.

    Lost in thoughts -
    happy this little collection of words made you smile.

    Dr. Pratibha -
    Sure, most do want change. but i'm one of those repulsive to change. i cannot accept it with open hands, i am afraid of the changes a change brings in. but that fear is just a matter of time.

    Maverick -
    Thanks man!

  14. That was succinct and crisp. Didn't know you hate change. I love it -- both actual and eventual.

  15. Wish change could be synonymous with convenience

  16. Humourous take on the prompt!! Lovely Vee!
    PS: Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you like them :)

  17. Hahaha...very intellectual and hilarious indeed :)


  18. Zephyr -
    there is no disagreement that change isn't good. but unfortunately i'm, in a way, afraid of it.

    Sweta -
    Thank you! :)

    Delhizen -
    Well said. its a matter a convenience as well, change! both actual and eventual.

    Bhavya -
    Happy you liked this tiny post..

    Vaish -
    Thanks a lot. I loved your posts!!

    Alcina -
    Very glad you found this one both intellectual and funny. :D


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