Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Gmail's weekend data loss

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Few months ago I wrote about our increasing dependence on Internet here: How dependent are you on Internet?. Despite the instances of data losses from internet giants being a possibility, one such instance is the recent loss of Gmail data effecting about 0.02% of its users, I am still one of those who relies on my email servers as backup for my conversations and documents exchanged via emails. In this recent Gmail incident, the bug effected all the multiple copies of the users' data Google stores in its servers. As of now Gmail team is still unable to recover the lost data completely, as the App Status page still continues to show the scary yellow wrench. 

Data loss sucks! I know it first hand since I lost years of work sometime back when a friend mistakenly formatted my hard disk. Ever since I was a little careful in making multiple copies of data. Now that buying Tera Bytes of space has become cheaper, taking data backups should not be as costly as it was earlier.

Do you also rely on your email servers and other Internet options to store your data? What precautions do you take to secure your data and prevent its loss?


  1. I heard about the gmail hiccup. Thankfully I wasn't really affected coz it was reported that most of the users were. I guess maybe because I am in a habit of saving everything as soon as I can and maybe keep a copy in the harddrive. I keep getting a weird feeling I'd lose everything and I try backing it up most of the time. It's technology afterall!

  2. I know it can be scary. btw, a friend of mine lost all this data, but soon he got an email saying things will be restored. And, at least his data is restored now.

    I don't rely too much on emails, so may be it won't effect me.

    I've read ur post on dependence on internet, yeah, that one can be scary... not being able to connect anyway to others...

    lets see


  3. It is a dangerous thing. My heart skipped a beat when I heard the news. Was just waiting to go home and check if my mails are safe. Didn't hear of any news of the data being recovered though the engineers were trying.

    Had written about the same thing a while ago

  4. UB -
    That's a good practise. And I should start making it a habit. I don't back up things at all. I am the kind who don't care until it really happens to them!

    Restless -
    I rely on my email in the sense that I don't make backups of the documents I receive through emails. Losing such documents can be scary. And, dependence on the Internet as such is another big thing.

    Sapna (dreamysap) -
    By now they must have recovered everyone's data. But what if the loss is irreversible. What happens then? We cannot blame gmail because after all we are using a service provided by them for free. So I am not sure if we can hold them accountable for any kind of loss in such a case!


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