Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How dependent are you on Internet?

What would you do if on one fine day all you encounter is "Page not found" or "Error 404" no matter what page you try to access? How would you react? How dependent are you on the Internet?

To maintain all my monetary transactions and to split my bills with my friends and flatmates, I use a web based online tool. And very recently the site went down. Although, I'm still not sure if the site would ever be.working again and if I will get my information back. And this left me thinking about the loads of information we share on the Internet. What if, one day we can NOT access any of that information? To make it worse, what would happen if all the information falls in the wrong hands? Scary, ain't it!

And there is another aspect to this topic. Is your dependence on Internet addictive? How much time do you spend on Internet (Facebook, Orkut and what-not) even if you don't have to? I came across this funny yet sensible article by a university counseling center which talks about Internet Addiction Disorder on the similar lines of Excessive Compulsive Disorder. (Also see this fun and informative web page dedicated to Internet Addiction.)

Have you ask yourself lately if you are addicted to Internet?



  1. Vee, yes we are so so addicted to net, especially blogging makes u stick to net a lot. Thinking of the day or days when one cannot access net would be irritating! Truely internet is a part of our life.

    Good thought.

    and yes, i did read the linked post, but had nothing to share!


  2. The world wide web has woven a web which we almost cannot traverse out of.
    Technically speaking one recommendation is to backup data always and always!
    Philosophically speaking I think we will lose a huge part of us if we lose anything from those loving emails to those memorable pictures.
    I for one don't use facebook or orkut of any of the social networking sites so I think I'd be pardoned on that end but losing my online content would definitely take away a huge chunk of me.
    I'm not sure if you were asking a personal take but it was a good question to ask nonetheless!

  3. Restless - Blogging is not an easy thing. It sure consumes a lot of time. And for some one like you who updates the blog at a good frequency, it would take much more time.

    Srikanth - Ya, reminds me of the Hutch's zoozoos.

    Sidra - That surprises me to know someone who doesn't use Orkut/Facebook at all. but that's a great point brought up, thanks for that. The data we have on the Internet with the amount of gigabytes various email services and other sharing spaces offer is very huge. but there are certain things you cannot backup like the innumerable chat logs attached with wonderful memories.

  4. Good post. I always felt these days people are getting more and more dependent on net. Thanks to my home with no net access, I have the confidance to think tht I can still survive witjout net. Facebook,orkutting are phases which ought to take a backseat at some point. But losing gmail is scary.Where will ur airtel bill go?where will u ping ppl etc etc. I feel gmail has made a big impact on my life. everything else, i can afford to love without. But yes the pace in which new technologies are builidng up, to earn ur daily bread, we computer engineers have to resort to google. without google precisely, my life in this era would come closer to zilch.

  5. Lavixu -
    I don't care about Facebook and Twitter as much as I do about gmail. Losing gmail is very scary to even think of. Its like people can build a complete profile of mine from my gmail account. I don't think the phrase "Without google" exists in the dictionary of the man in Internet era. :)


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