Wednesday, September 01, 2010

War, peace and the side effects

Just a few hours ago while I was traveling in the local bus, I became the subject of a strange situation. Although I was expecting such a thing to happen sometime, I was quite shocked when it actually happened. I happen to grow my beard a little longer than usual these days. And today I was asked by my fellow passenger in the bus to not blow away the bus with a bomb. At first I thought he was kidding and laughed back in response, but he kept on saying that for about 6 - 8 times until he got down the bus. He said its okay for him if I trigger the bomb I was supposedly carrying after he leaves the bus. To add to my shock, a bunch of other people around me were laughing when all this was happening. Not sure if this incident comes under racial abuse or whatever but it really disturbed me for sometime. And it really left me thinking how many others face this scenario in their lives and how disturbed they get.

And this made me think about the chicken and egg kind of question, but in this case it's easy to find answers. Did terrorism start first or greed? More specifically in the context of USA, did terrorism against them start first or did their greedy nature to become oil power of the world by saving natural resources in their land and declaring war on Oil rich countries? I think it is the latter case. After all the damage has been done in Iraq, thanks to Bush and other masterminds, Obama has taken up the job of scavenger to clean the mess made by his predecessors. Listen to Obama's speech from the Oval office about declaring the end of Iraq war. But is the war over yet? 

Will it be the same to all those who lost their loved ones on both the sides? And, with the situation gone so far will there ever be peace? To me, when I think of this whole war situation I feel the fire was light and fuel was added. And, its just the matter of time to let the fire rage! 


P.S.1: Not thinking of giving up on my beard look yet! 
P.S.2: Thinking of reading War and Peace which I've been putting off since years. 


  1. The second world war lasted less than six years. The war on terror has been going on for nearly a decade and yet, has no signs of any end. Whether the USA propagated it or were the reason for its beginning in the first place, is a debatable topic. However, it is sure that no end is in sight in the near future. People's lives will continue to be lost, civilians and armed forces alike; and the psychology of people will continue to change for the worse.

  2. Dude! Are you sure the reason is just your beard?
    I think even without a beard some faces (like yours) may look notorious :))

    Jokes apart, I agree with your opinion in the case of US's greed.

  3. D2 - I wouldn't completely go against US, but it certainly had a lot to do to about what things are now!

    Harish - lol :D

  4. @vamsi.. bold post, I would say!! Really good. But I suggest you not to post anti-US posts on web!! Just a precautionary measure

  5. I agree with Srikanth.

    Yes, this is racial abuse, but unfortunately many innocent people like you have to suffer for no fault of theirs.


  6. I've started to grow beard! - Ajay

  7. I will be careful next time onwards!


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