Friday, September 03, 2010


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Sliver of hope and
Stillness in heart, I return.
Strong and confident!

P.S.1: Thoughts on my mind inversely proportional to words on my post.
P.S.2: This picture was clicked by my friend Sri. Do check his wonderful creations.

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  1. Vee...

    Lovely click, convey my wishes to your friend Sri..

    You have returned, strong and confident with a Haiku, first person in BAT i hope(in the posts i read)..

    All the best for BAT, Vee..

    Someone Is Special

  2.'re Ku-ed!! I know, Ku-ing is addictive. LOL!! :D

    Missed your usual multi-example citing post. But the Haiku was good too.
    All the Best for BAT - 14.

  3. Short and sweet message of hope! :D

  4. Positivity well expressed Vee...:)

    I like this one, short and very much packed with a wondrous message!

    All the best!

  5. Short but meaningful and the pic is very apt.
    All the best!

  6. nice click..silver of hope... :)

    i blog at

  7. Wow Beautiful Haiku.. ATB for the BAT.. :)

  8. The picture goes well with the content. Winter and snow always represent the dark and the dull therefore the silver of hope fits as a perfect contrast.

  9. A very strong statement which even a pages full of words fail to convey

  10. Excellent work. Got totally hooked or rather haikued !
    Look forward to more... :)
    Cheerz...! ;)

  11. oh! What a wonderful change... after those serious posts :)

    Great pic Sri and great perspective Vee. Where's the location?

  12. Vee, you got loads of appreciation by many readers. I must say, this Haiku is the most powerful one, i have read. the stillness in heart -these words churned something in me. All the Best for the contest!

    But, must say, wanted to read a post on the topic from you, but it seems u r completely smitten by Haiku. But it's good!

    btw, why thoughts on your mind inversely proportional?!!


  13. Brilliant !
    And as much as i appreciated Sri's work, must say the 12 words you have chosen to express yourself steal the show!
    The best things really do come in small packages !
    Just brilliant !

  14. Hello folks!

    This is Sri. Thanks for all your comments regarding my pic. But above all, thanks to Vee! Keep visiting his blog regularly, his thoughts are well worth the reading :)

  15. Lovely caption for a lovely pic!
    Talk of strength and hope in so little words.

  16. Someone is Special - I sure will convey wishes to Sri. Do check his flickr album for more photos.

    Phoenixritu, RiikaInfinityy - Thanks for your sweet words of appreciation.

    Rumya - it sure is addictive. :D

    Dreamer, Amity and Jaspreet - I was trying to express strong emotions with short words. I hope its working and I'm glad u liked it.

    Tuppence, Ms. Meduri - I wasn't expecting cute as word of appreciation to these lines. :P Thank you very much for the compliment.

    Namit and Sidra - it is SLIVER not silver. although silver of hope also makes sense in this context :D

  17. Bedlam, Md. Mudassir Shah and Kevin - Ya, got totally haikued recently for we can exploit the power of expressing with short lines.

    Lost in thoughts - Will convey the wishes to the photographer. Thanks for dropping by!

    Kshitij - Thanks a lot buddy! I thought even this is a serious post :P The location is Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

    Mahesh - I hope you are not asking me to stop writing :P I take your expression as appreciation.

    The Fool - Thanks buddy (2 times).

  18. Restless -
    I was exploring this haiku thing recently, and I'm very glad you liked this haiku better than my previous ones. and the lazy bugger inside me made me do a haiku for this blogaton instead of writing a longer article. Also, I feel this haiku is my kind of thing as I usually want to abstract things and want my readers to think for themselves.

    Its always the case with me, thoughts on my mind are inversely proportional as I write so little to what I have running inside my gray cells. and with 17 syllables i wont be able to express much either.

    Brij bhai -
    Thank you very much for those encouraging and motivating words. These words of appreciation definitely make me work hard to write good stuff. I will also convey your appreciation to Sri.

    Sri Dhanush -
    Thank you for recommending my work.

    Karthik - Thank you very much buddy!

  19. why don't u write something which REALLY goes on in your mind?

  20. Dil se - thank you.

    Restless - I will, I will. For that I need to stop being a lazy bum!! :D


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