Sunday, September 26, 2010

Will the father fail?

Ram Singh, a single father to two sons and a daughter, belongs to lower middle class. He used to look after his family by farming in the small piece of land he inherited from his father. His youngest son has a health problem since birth, and it would cost Ram Singh a little more for his son's medicines. But that's no reason for him to worry since it's nothing beyond what he earns. Very recently, the father chose to invest his money in a business in an attempt to provide better quality of life to his children.

All in good intention, the father decided to use all his savings. Slowly, the investment to start his own business was turning out to be more than expected. He had to sell his land and started borrowing amount from many places. He had to also cut down what he would use for his youngest son's medicines. Only in a hope that everything would come back to a better place once his business starts.

But it wasn't as easy as it should be. The father did not foresee all different problems he could face. Life is a bitch. The not so friendly local politicians would not let the things happen smoothly. Only with more money he could achieve what he had dreamed of. Now, with all his saving gone and with nothing to spare for medicines for his son, Ram Singh is broke. So are the kids. The kid with health problem is now bed ridden, and only timely medicines can get him back to normalcy. Did the father fail? Was his decision wrong? Should he have not dreamed of a better life when he was good at what he was?

It's not a huge amount that he requires to get his small business running. Chipping in a little amount from our side is all it takes to make his life better. All he needs is a little support from you and me. I'm ready to support and to not let the father fail! Are you?

Yeah, I've been talking about the whole Common Wealth Games scenario. The father is the country and the ill son is the poor population. How the father had to sacrifice medicines for his ill son simply reflects on how being a host to CWG effects the poor in our country. Instead of investing in eliminating poverty directly, the government chose to spend money by becoming a host which would further increase the taxes on the common man. But, the negative effect on the poor is expected to be only for a short period since this whole thing is worked out on a wonderful revenue model. Had it not been for the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, the country is expected to profit a lot from being the host. I feel India, currently, is in a deep confusion which puts pressure in projecting itself as  a developed country while we still are developing one step at a time. Unknowingly and unfortunately, this creates the  scenarios for India-Bharat divide, the divide between urban and rural. Between the rich and the poor. And it is this confusion that wants to see ourselves as a capable country by becoming host to such a grand event. Had it all turned out the way it should have. Had it not been for all the corruption!

One thing we can do is to shed the negative vibes and the bad publicity. All it requires is our support as citizens. We had done it by uniting against terrorism earlier, and now we can do it again by supporting the event and sharing the positive energy. Please don't let the father fail!

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  1. wOW vEE! I am impressed! You know I was just thinking on these lines. I think, at least we, the Indians should stop talking bad now, I know it's difficult, I just wrote a comment somewhere saying how some ppl have put us to disgrace, but still, deep inside, I am feeling bad for my country.

    I was hesitant to write this for various reasons, which cannot be written here, but now I think, even I will write it. Let us not let the nation fall further by talking bad.

    Very good comparison with father and son. ( some typo error in second line of second last para).

    A much needed post. I will definitely vote for you in Indivine.

    take care


  2. Wow, awesome one.

    I have this feeling deep in my heart, how the image of India has be tarnished by our great politicians. Some where, I read that India spent nearly double as much as Canada did on these games.

    Hope they will go well.

  3. I completely agree the point that had it not been for the corrupt politicians, we would've benefited as a nation out of CWG 2010. And I sincerely hope the event becomes success. But on the other-hand it makes me feel that its success will make the politicians get away with what they did. Don't you think so?

  4. @vamsi.. Good post.. But are you sure Govt is hosting to tax the common man?

  5. Restless -
    thank you for pointing out the typo! it's taken care of :) also, thanks for voting me on Indivine.

    i think it's high time we stop criticizing. instead we can help build the image of CWG by doing our bit. obvious it is, the media is interested in nothing except their ratings and there is not even a single motivating article from them. Now, i look towards bloggers!!

    i too agree with disgrace part, but what the country needs now is support for the decision they have already taken. let's hope we get the best out of it!

    one hopeful thing that happened is the security loophole exposed by Australian media turns out to be fake. Many thanks to Media watch for exposing it.

  6. Arun -

    Sadly, that's the modern day's truth with only very few exceptions. Politicians are corrupt and media people are rating hungry! All we can do now is support them and hope.

    Bhavya -

    We, the citizens, have become media dependent. Completely! Sensation, we come across a new one and we forget the earlier incident. If people start questioning, then all the corrupt can be brought to trail without them getting away. if only media starts working with RTI activists!

  7. Srikanth -
    didn't get your question correct. did you mean if the CWG is conducted using tax money of the citizens? or did you mean, hosting CWG will lead to increased taxes? for the latter, hosting such a grand event will definitely lead to increased prices. increase in land and real-estate prices will only lead to further unaffordability of the already unaffordable!

  8. I agree that having got into the mess we should support and see it through. But with the media going hammer and tongs at the Games, we are even forgetting to highlight our athletes! I started another thread on Indiforum, but kept getting only replies to the earlier one. with the money spent on inferior infrastructure, one wonders how much the poor are indeed going to benefit, because the govt and the OC will simply vanish the moment the Games are over leaving half completed things as they are!

    Btw, you comment on this topic does not show up on the forum. I got to see it on my mail and came here from there!

  9. very thoughtful comparison, well narrated.
    its a harsh reality, but... the life goes on.

  10. thank you Pramod. And, thanks for dropping by!


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