Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Like the Dislike button

Have you ever observed the "like" to "dislike" percentage on youtube videos? For most of the popular videos with huge number of hits, the general trend is the ratio of dislike to like is about 0.1. And if a video isn't a worthy one, the ratio only increases. Earlier the videos on Youtube were rated based on a 5 star scale. I wonder how this effects the way videos are perceived by viewers when they see a particular number of likes and dislikes.

The "Dislike" button, do you like it?
This also makes me wonder about what would happen if Facebook is to introduce "dislike" button. It would only make us realise how much crap we end up posting on Facebook through status messages and etc. And also, Facebook has been smart so far in not introducing Dislike button, and this way everyone feels that no one dislikes what they have to rant on a daily basis! What do you think about this?


  1. haha Vee, nice thought!

    Dislike button in FB, somehow goes against the main idea of building friends network. I think, we humans don't like to be shown disrespect or disliking in public, so FB understands that!

    But dislike buttons are fine for total public platforms where opinions of ppl make a certain link popular or otherwise.

    btw, coincidentally, i just put a "like" button on my blog...u can't dislike,even if u want!!!!!

    take care!


  2. And the worst thing is, when someone posts tsunami warning in their state too, people will like the status!! Don't know if they are happy about Tsunami hitting their country or what else!!
    I don't like the "Like" button either, but end up using them :(
    Another victim of Facebook :D

  3. I agree to you Vaish and would like to add to it. I rarely give comments on people's status/pics/videos, only if I find it worth to. But people, in response just click the "LIKE" button, just to acknowledge that "He/She has viewed that message". It sucks!!!

  4. Dislike button would be a good idea, according to me. Or maybe a 'No one cares' button. haha :P

  5. I was wondering how to get the "like it" button on my blog?

  6. Restless -
    That's actually true. We always want our opinions and thoughts to be liked by the people around us, and facebook serves this purpose perfectly with the "Like" button :D

    Vaish -
    That's one of the reasons why I wrote this post. No matter what people post, we are "liking" them..

    Haritha -
    Haha, but that's how things happen when we want hundreds of friends around us all the time. and facebook does that for us virtually. so these virtual acknowledgements to people's interests and thoughts with a click.

    Ankita -
    'no one cares' button!! that'll be totally against Zuckerberg's principle of making friends i guess :P

    Travis -
    This tutorial should help you with this!


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