Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Brighter Side of Biting Nails

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Lemme tell you there are six important reasons why you should bite your nails..

  1. You will never feel hungry if u bite ur nails.
  2. An idle brain is the devil's workshop. Biting nails never keeps you idle, you'll always be busy with it.
  3. Biting nails as a habit keeps u relaxed, tension free & stress free.
  4. You will develop resistance to the diseases caused by the whole lot of germs that enter ur mouth when u bite ur nails.
  5. You look cool biting nails.
  6. I wanted to give six reasons but I have only five, hence this.

Why shud you listen to me in this?
This doubt might definitely be hovering in ur mind. If not, assume u have this doubt n listen to me.
With the vast experience of successfully breaking a huge number of resolutions made to stop biting my nails, I become a privileged person to talk about this topic and share my valuable suggestions wid u all. By biting nails you become a nearly perfect person, which is so obvious from the reasons I gave above. I call nearly perfect jus becoz u will not have perfect nails once to resort to this habit. Cant we sacrifice our good luking nails for the sake of becoming nearly perfect??

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