Friday, June 15, 2007

Get a luk at ur funny face..

"Plz Dont move" "Sit Straight" "Chin up" "Dont blink" "Look at me"

When a photographer clicks ur passport size photo or an artist drawing ur portrait will definitely say all these.. But certainly not these caricature artists. In the recent past, therez a pretty good increase in the number of On-the-spot-caricaturists. You can find these guys in fairs, pretty busy and deeply obsessed, drawing quick sketches & making people laugh luking at their faces.razz

These guys r fun, their main aim is to present wid a sketch retaining some features of the original & make it funny by deliberately screwing up the striking features. You gotta be careful if u want ur caricature not to luk like a twisted. I had to wait for my turn as there were a couple of people who wanted to get their caricatures done; and so had an oppurtunity to do a kutti research. mrgreen

Well, the caricaturist starts wid hair and captures it neatly, but not always (he messed up my haircry). Since eyes say it all, he replicates them exactly. And there comes his features of interest - nose, then lips & teeth, followed by ears. Lips & teeth are the only features which u can make his draw the way u wish. You be will be asked to smile and u hav to realize that its a trap. If u end up showing ur teeth, thn u can easily kill ur fellow humans wid ur teeth in the If u smile too much but dont show ur teeth, yeah ur caricature will have the bozo look wid ur lips spreading from North America to Japan in a typical world map. The features of the nose will be exaggerated. Its fun to watch ur caricature, if u have a protruding nose or a wide one. And ears are upto him, he either draws elephant ears or sumthin much more funnier...

But get ur caricature done.. taz definitely fun!!biggrin


  1. Duuuude

    I've got one done in venice.
    Was funny really to have my funny face drawn over by someone else.
    Ill let u have a looka at it once i am back in bang with a bang !!

  2. Nice post...

    Makes me feel like getting one done for my self.

    The Variable


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