Monday, June 18, 2007

Our future

There are many reasons why one shud blog, or why I blog.. We, in general, arn't busy wid work all the time, right? So why not use the time & resources judiciously. smile And even if we hav work, working continuously is injurious to health, so relax n blog in between. In my case I, generally, am asked to come on weekends and work though thrz seriously no much to work.cry So why work on weekdays, jus blog! Work on weekends (n thaz impossible). You might get a gud dream while dozing off after having lunch, but tech is not so advanced to capture dreams. So jus blog.
Now lemme blog on our future. Wherez man heading to?

Man is gradually evolving into sum kinda...

PIG eek

Darwin might hav never dared to even dream abt such a change in the human Writing about this ill effect of fast foods n junk food on man will be loadsa fun, but i wanna deal wid a different perspective!

Twenty years before, we wud have considered refering to a box wid flickering images for route maps from anywhere to anywhere a wierdest n wildest dream, but wid the current days technology much more is possible. We, now, go to the rescue of our computers for nothing and everything. We neednt even wonder if the human evolution diagram gets updated in near future showing man wid a computer jus the way the man of stone age was shown wid arms made of stones.

With all this, its not much hard to imagine a virtual world. Further improvement in satellite imagery technology and the internet power, in near future, will takes us to any part of world in a split second and let us make transactions ( anything and everything like buy/sell) the way we do if we go there in person, without actually moving away from ur computer. To get the actual feel of the 3D world, our monitors may get replaced with some spectacles kinda thing.

All this fast improvement in technology, will show a slow n gradual impact on our features - the way we luk - with the concepts of evolution like structural adaptation and natural selection coming into picture. And can u imagine the result? Since there will be literally very less instances requiring us to move physically and very great deal of work for our eyes n brain, we wud end up having a very big head wid the two eyes n forehead occupying the major part of our head, needless to think of hair biggrin, and the body highly disproportional to the head. Summing up, we will be having a lean body wid a disproportionately large head - wid half the face being occupied by the forehead n no hair. If u pictorially represent all these features, occupied by the forehead n no hair. Pictorially representing,
Now u will understand why aliens, which are assumed to be intelligent in most movies, luk like this... They might have gone thru all these phases of evolution. wink So guys, if u want ur (great)^n grand children to luk like hrithik roshans and aishwarya rais, better stop thinking too much n better stop using computers razz


  1. If we stop using computers, we can no longer check out ur blog :P Gud post

  2. haha! but then we can limit our dependency on the computers and internet! :P


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