Friday, June 15, 2007

Express yourself wid Emoticons

All set to write a funny experience this evening, but then you see, with out these emoticons I couldnt convey myself properly. But mere colons & parenthisis also wont convey the emotions in an effective way. So started hunting, and my hunting aid is nothing else but the one & only Google, the super star of search engines. These smileys are some kinda addiction. At times I end up typing a :) or a :D even in reports.. biggrin

After searching through Google, found this post where in the required scripts and instructions were given.
But there is a fix! With this script, we can add emoticons only at the end of the post. sad That makes it really painful.

When ever I click on the emoticons which appear in my compose box, the smiley appears at the end of the post and I need to re arrange the content (cut and paste in a different location). sad
Need to tweak the script to make it function normally, but I am not good at these things.

But u know this right, necessity is the mother of invention. Just now thought, why not move the emoticon itself instead of organizing the contents... The genius me atlast made the job easier winklol


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